Section33 – The Takeover

If you’ve been following us on social media recently you’ll have noticed us talking about Section33.

Section33 are a pop-up, like us, but who host guerilla dining experiences in unusual spaces. Previous events have seen them take over iconic venues such as Govanhill Swimming Baths and The Britannia Panopticon on Trongate, the world’s oldest surviving music hall.

When we heard that Section33 were planning another event, we knew it would be good and wanted to get involved. Their focus on quality throughout the supply chain and providing a top-end product at affordable prices mirrors ours.

The whole menu was revealed recently, and it’s pretty amazing:

For a high resolution version see this link

Coffee in restaurants tends to be a bit of an afterthought and it’s often a disappointing finish to an otherwise excellent meal. We want to change that and make sure your dining experience ends on a high point, so we’ll be serving an incredible Ethiopian coffee, Foundry Coffee Roasters Rocko Mountain Reserve. It’s light, fruity and floral and should be perfect to round the evening off.

The location of the next pop-up is still a closely-guarded secret, but we can confirm that it’s a famous space which has hosted some of Glasgow’s best unsigned musicians. To pay homage to venue’s history, up and coming artists will feature throughout the four day event alongside sets from local DJs.

Tickets are going fast but there’s still some available: to find out more or to book, go to the Section33 website, their Facebook page, or their Twitter.

See you there!


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