Mean machine

Our trusty Rancilio served us well over the past two years but since we settled down and don’t have to put the machine in and out a car boot every week, we started thinking about an upgrade.

We’d heard great things about the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia. It was the World Barista Championship machine for several years which is usually a pretty good sign. Asking around, anyone who’d worked on an Aurelia only had good things to say about it. A bit of research online yielded similarly positive results.

We managed to bag a good deal on a refurbished 2013 model, and after waiting a few weeks for delivery it was in place.


The machine was running great but we had a feeling it could be better. After contacting a technician from Nuova Simonelli for advice, we modified the machine to WBC specification by fitting caps to disable to Soft Infusion System and also fitting smaller flow restrictors.

While the chrome finish was nice and traditional, we wanted to do something a bit different and so got busy with a few spray cans.



There’s one or two more things we want to fine tune (marginal gains and all that), but so far the Aurelia has been fantastic. Super stable, no need for big cooling flushes, amazing steam levers and wands, digital volumetrics…and it looks amazing. We can’t wait to get things really nailed with it.

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